Wedding Options

In addition from January 2014, a foreigner marrying a South African citizen in South Africa, must be interviewed along with the South African by an immigration officer prior to the marriage. An appointment to do this can take some time to arrange. A foreigner marrying another foreigner in South Africa is not required to do this.
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Classic Weddings

The Classic wedding is a more traditional type wedding. In modern days couples have opted more and more to have their classic weddings at wedding venues instead of churches. Depending on your venue we will quote you depending on what you require.   (t&c’s apply) / option 3

Private Weddings

A wedding at the comfort of your own home. Either with or without a small ceremony. Many couples choose this intimate wedding style today. We will quote you depending on what you require. (t&c’s apply)

Registration Only Option

You don’t need a wedding ceremony to be legally married in South Africa. Or perhaps you have already done your traditional wedding but not the legal registration. Then this option is for you, The price at our offices is from R2099 (t&c’s apply) / option 1 / international weddings

International Clients

We have helped people from all over the world to marry in South Africa. In fact South Africa is one the easier countries to get married in. But remember international clients that are not from Common Wealth States will need a letter of no-impediment. This is a letter of freedom to marry from their  embassy, consulate or country. 
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