Same Sex Unions

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Dr Jones is a designated Marriage Officer qualified to conduct same sex marriages.

Same sex marriages (Civil Union /Marriages)

Same-sex marriages also know as gay marriage or Civil Unions and became legal in South Africa on 30 November 2006 when the Civil Union Bill was enacted after having been passed by the South African Parliament earlier that month. South Africa granted unregistered cohabitation in 1999. Five decisions of the Constitutional Court set the status of civil unions. The decisions recognized same-sex partnerships in immigration (1999), granted same-sex couples the same financial status as married heterosexual partners (2002), allowed adoption by same-sex couples (2002), entitled same-sex couples to the same financial benefits as unmarried cohabiting heterosexual couples (2003), and recognized that the children born to same-sex couples by way of artificial insemination are legitimate (2003). In July 2002, the High Court in Bloemfontein ruled that denying same-sex couples the right to marry equally as being discriminatory and thus unconstitutional. Civil unions may be conducted by: Designated marriage officers for specific religious  denominations or organisations. Designated officers employed by the Department of Home Affairs and the Magistrates’ Courts. Designated marriage officers - This means not all marriage officers can or has the authority to, or has to marry any couple. Only marriage officers qualified and equipped with a Civil Union Register can marry same sex couples. (Form DHA-1766 -Civil Union register). There are several reasons why marriage officers may or may not marry same sex couples. Firstly you need to remember that marriage officers are appointed through organisations and can’t act independently therefore they have to adhere to their governing body’s constitution (rules and regulations) or they can lose their license.


Organisation may see a same sex marriage in conflict with their beliefs. Some churches do not allow certain marriage’s e.g. certain churches don’t marry people who have been divorced, or only marry church members (It may have nothing to do with being in a same sex union). The marriage officers own person’s beliefs, ethics and standards. A marriage officer can decide if a couple understands or is mature enough, or medically fit enough to enter into a valid marriage. A marriage officer also has a constitutional right to choose who he or she wishes to register. You cannot enter into a civil union marriage if you wish to enter into a customary marriage with more than one partner . Bride’s price, dowry or Labola terms and conditions (Brides price) was not agreed upon by parents or elders. Cultural or religious customs or traditions where not met or agreed upon. Contact us for more information regarding gay / lesbian and customary weddings.
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