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Ante Nuptial Contracts

Also known as ANC (contract) or pre-nuptial agreement (pre-nup) In South Africa you automatically marry "In Community of Property" Unless otherwise stated in a contract.  In Community of Property means you share all things equally.  It may sound noble to say that in marriage you will share everything for "richer and poorer" But the truth is that this may not be such a noble idea after all, especially when someone becomes seriously ill or injured. All of us wish to leave behind a legacy and a better future for our families.  You can do this by drawing up a contract and protecting your family from serious liabilities.  Rather view an ANC as a asset protection rather than a divorce agreement. The Matrimonial Property Act of 1984 (the Act") provides two options for your Ante nuptial Contract, namely: 1. With application of the accrual system; and 2. Without application of the accrual system. We can offer advice and arrange with our partnering attorneys to draw up your Ante Nuptual Contract (ANC) at competitive fees.
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