Dr Peter Jones is a leading authority on weddings and matrimonial and relational matters having officiated at scores of weddings and addressed  hundreds of people. He is registered with the Department of Home Affairs as a Designated Marriage Officer, as are all the Marriage Officers on his team. Peter has a Ph D degree as well as a DD (Doctor of Divinity) degree, as well as numerous other qualifications. The team members all have tertiary level qualifications too.

Marriage Registration & Weddings

Marriage Registrations can either be done at our office or in the convenience of your own home. Official weddings ceremonies can be done at your own home at any wedding venue. We also take care of the wedding registrations at Home Affairs for you, meaning that you can enjoy a hassle free honeymoon while we take care of the paperwork. Plus as a extra added positive you even get your wedding certificate on the day of your marriage so you can enjoy some honeymoon discounts. You can also download some important forms  from our website that will assist you with civil marriage regulations.

International Weddings in South Africa

We have registered and married many international clients from all over the world.  We have serviced clients from all over Africa, New Zealand and Australia, U.S.A, Canada and Europe.  Please do read our Civil Marriage & Religious marriage page.

Faith Groups

Civil Marriage is the legal requirement for marriage in South Africa meaning that faith does not really play a legal part in the binding of a marriage irrespective of faith. None the less I have assisted people from all faith groups plus non religious or non practising believers at their weddings or registering their marriages.

The Team

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